Challenges and triumphs with Collegian Xin Ni [2016-2019]

“Scots provided me with the opportunity to explore my possibilities. From a shy kid who barely spoke English, to the Head of International, and now the top student in university. My experiences at Scots have allowed me to always excel in any challenges.”

Discomfort is usually undesirable. Challenges faced in our schooling environment, personal and professional life force us to make decisions to overcome these obstacles. However, Scots Collegian Xin Ni has experienced the benefits of leaning in towards challenge.

Xin is currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Management (Accounting and Finance) at the University of Manchester, England. Having excelled in many areas of his life thus far, he received a Social Responsibility Scholarship from the university. Through his dedication and hard work, he has been ranked first in his university programme and is a student representative and ambassador at the University for which he writes a blog.

During his time at Scots, Xin undertook the International Baccalaureate programme – which he described as being a lot to juggle and a source of great stress. At the time he regretted his decision. However, his determination to push through the challenge paid off. Jason Laverock reassured Xin by saying that sitting his A Levels was harder than finishing his degree. Xin now looks back and realises this experience set him up at university and nothing seems too difficult now.

Arriving in New Zealand with a knowledge of English, but with limited opportunity to speak – he found the kiwi accents difficult to understand. Terrified and aware of the eyes upon him, Xin was forced to communicate. He introduced himself to Geoff Hall, the head of boarding with his given name (rather than an Anglo-Saxon one), which he says provided an opportunity for both parties to learn. One of the highlights of Xin’s time at Scots was when he was chosen as international prefect, a role that there was plenty of competition for. He inspired many at Scots and he still receives calls from parents, students and staff.

Xin is planning to work towards his masters which he knows will be a challenge. Through his internship at Price Waterhouse, he hopes to have an opportunity to transfer overseas, perhaps even back to New Zealand. He spoke of his fondness for New Zealand, remembering the blue skies, lack of pollution and the relaxed, happy and smiling people.

Thank you, Xin, for showing us what it means to recognise something as a challenge, experience the discomfort and pushing through to achieve the results we desire.

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