Scots Collegians Association Garden of Honour

Established in 2004 the Scots Collegians Garden of Honour is a Scots Collegians Association initiative to say thank you to those people in the life of Scots who have made a significant contribution to the life of the College and its students and who are deserving of permanent acknowledgement.

This Recognition is open to all have participated in College life including members of the Board of Governors, Staff, Parents, Collegians and others.

For more information about the Garden of Honour including criteria and the nomination form click here 

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Arthur (Tup) Shirer Radford
Inducted 2019
Paddianne Neely QSM
Inducted 2018
Ian Symonds MNZN
Inducted 2016
John “Digger” Miles
Inducted 2015
Patricia (Pat) Blades
Inducted 2014
Alistair Miller
Inducted 2012
Richard (Dick) Meddins Evans
Inducted 2010
Bruce Grenville Cathie
Inducted 2007
Duncan Mackellar Hercus
Inducted 2007
John Oliver Booker
Inducted 2006
Sir Clifford (Ulric) Plimmer
Inducted 2006
David Wilson Virtue
Inducted 2006
Hugh M. Reid
Inducted 2005
Vivian Frederick Odem Francis
Inducted 2004
Shirley Martin CBE
Inducted 2004
Stanley (Stan) Painter
Inducted 2004
Len Plimmer
Inducted 2004
Kay Raymond Wadham
Inducted 2004

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