Stories from Scots Collegians

Scots Collegians all over the world and within our shores are involved in such a diversity of fields, interests and projects. Many have been in touch to share their story, enjoy catching up with these below.

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Challenges and triumphs with Collegian Xin Ni [2016-2019]

Discomfort is usually undesirable. Challenges faced in our schooling environment, personal and professional life force us to make decisions to overcome these obstacles. However, Scots Collegian Xin Ni has experienced the benefits of leaning in towards challenge. Read more
Angus Simms [2005 -2009] & partner Katie Jackson

In a world where everyone is aiming for perfection, Scots Collegian Angus Simms and his partner Katie Jackson are embracing the imperfect with their new Wonky Box fruit and vegetable delivery venture. Read more
Harvey Rees-Thomas [1948-1958], Head Prefect 1958

Harvey Rees-Thomas is a renowned educator and attributes a significant part of his personal development and his subsequent outstanding career as a principal and consultant on the education he received at Scots College. Read more
Philip Mcdougall – “Floogal” [1979-1985]

Philip appreciates the irony of working alongside the world’s leading computer technologists at Google, as mathematics and the sciences were compulsory subjects Read more
Joe Bell [2014-2016]

The New Zealand Oly Whites made history on the 28th July 2021. With their 0-0 draw to Romania, they had qualified for the Olympic quarterfinals Read more
George Apostolakis [1980-1983]

George raves about Scots College. He loved his time there and says the only reason he didn’t stay for high school Read more
Evarn Flaunty [1999-2006]

Evarn Flaunty’s early school years weren’t much fun. He is dyslexic and struggled with English and Mathematics but didn’t want to ask for help Read more
Lewis Clareburt [2008 – 2017]

Lewis Clareburt measures his life in seconds. The 21-year old spends practically every moment in Wellington’s Freyburg Pool. His goal: Read more
Moala Katoa [2013-2017]

Scots College graduate Moala Katoa never spent much time away from home before beginning his tertiary studies, but in order to achieve his goal of becoming a Read more
Locky Buchanan [2012-2016]

As a senior student at Scots, Locky Buchanan could usually be found in one of the music rooms in the Creative and Performing Arts Centre with Isaac Hooper, rocking out on the electric guitar.Read more
Richard Shirtcliffe [1984 – 1988]

From merino to baby buggies; GPS to beer; and now coffee to chairs. Nobody could describe Richard Shirtcliffe’s career as linear. Read more
Nathan Tse [2009-2013]

Nathan Tse has just one piece of advice for current Scots’ students - work hard and you’ll get opportunities, and he knows what he’s talking about. Read more
Dr Gavin Fincher MB.ChB (Otago) FACEM [1982-1984]

Do you know there are 42 causes of chest pain? The chances are you don’t, but it is one of the reasons why people like Gavin Fincher spend six years at Medical School, Read more
Mike Brown [1991-1995]

After a serious accident in 2012, Mike Brown found himself paralysed from the waist down. His inspiring recovery journey Read more
Prageeth (PJ) Jayathissa [2002-2006]

Prageeth (PJ) Jayathissa left Scots in 2007 to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury. Since then his career has taken many twists and turns. Read more
Ezra Iupeli [1990-1994]

Here’s a little brief on what I’ve been up to since leaving Scots College in 1994 (25 years ago.. yikes!!) Read more
Ming Thein [1997-1999]

I spent the final three years of my secondary education at Scots College. I’d been accelerated through school in Australia, and found myself in form 5 in Plimmer House at Scots at the age of 10. Read more
Hanan Laban [2000-2004]

It’s no surprise that Hanan Laban has been drawn to a leadership role in rugby. He grew up in a family with a long association with the sport; and community and political leadership has also been prevalent through the generations. Read more
Joe Daymond [2009-2013]

Have you heard the one about the Maori Fijian from Wainuiomata playing to sell-out crowds at SkyCity? No? Then read on…. Read more

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